Skimmers and colors and Ken’s Hooks, oh my! #fishing #icefishing

Little Atom Atomic Glow Pearl in Jumbo Wedgee, Nuggie & Micro Nuggie

New Atomic Glow Pearl from Little Atom is here and is destined to be a “go to” color from here on out.  This color is currently available in the Nuggie, Micro Nuggie, and Jumbo Wedgee Tail.  This color combines the iridescent sheen of mother of pearl, the sparkle of various sizes and colors of glitter and a long lasting, deadly soft bluish-white glow.  It takes a lot to impress me, but this color is sweet!

Ken's Hook Stainless Steel Skinny Mini Holoscale 1.5" w/Red or Chartreuse bead

We also wanted to let you know that we are restocked on Ken’s Hooks, including the new Holoscale colors and a couple more bead options.  But due to the recent mention in the In-Fisherman Ice Annual, we are having trouble staying stocked up…

Lifetime Ice Skimmer Mini

Many of you were asking for a lighter, smaller version of our popular Lifetime Ice Skimmer.  We are proud to introduce the Lifetime Ice Skimmer Mini.  The Mini has a super strong heat treated 12″ aluminum handle and is predrilled for you to add your own extension or lanyard.  The smaller “scoop” (or cup) is made from the same crack proof synthetic material that the original Lifetime Skimmer is made from and carries the same lifetime replacement guarantee on the scooop.  But this skimmer was specifically designed for you fishermen who wanted a skimmer that would fit into a 4″, 5″, 6″ or 110mm diameter hole.  Its small, light weight design is also perfect if you just want a compact ultralight skimmer for runn’n and gunn’n.

Green Pumpkin/Red Flake in J and S IceMite Jr, IceMite, IceMite Magnum & GoJo

New from J and S is our exclusive and highly fishy color, Green Pumpkin/Red Flake, available in IceMite Jr, IceMite, IceMite Magnum and GoJo.  This may be the most “buggy” looking color ever developed.  When combined with the unique characteristics of the J and S IceMite series, it makes for a perfect impostor of freshwater shrimp, scud or any number of other edible panfish treats.  The added bling of the micro sized red flakes, really brings these soft plastics to life!

Sonic Ice Hopper decal (4" W x 6" H)

You asked for a Sonic Ice Hopper decal for your trucks and buckets, and here he is!  UV protected vinyl decal will stay looking great.  Makes a great stocking stuffer.  Enjoy Cyber Monday!

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3 Responses to Skimmers and colors and Ken’s Hooks, oh my! #fishing #icefishing

  1. arden sabin says:

    this pearl plastic looks good , where can i buy it.

  2. GREG KRAFT says:

    looking to buy a few kens hooks for ice fishing looking for copper in color do you have them….thanks greg

  3. jclark says:

    We should have them back in stock laster this fall.

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